About Maru

MARU – A Renaissance Woman and Her Art

The Renaissance man or woman knows a great deal regarding a variety of topics and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences: This ideal developed in Renaissance Italy from the notion that “a man can do all things if he will.”

Maru Macias Carreras is such a person. Not only is she an award-winning artist, but she has worked as an accountant, a teacher, and a school administrator, and is now president of her own educational consulting firm. She attended the University of Miami where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting and met her husband. She later acquired a Master degree in Elementary Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She is now “retired” and immensely enjoying her two passions, children and art! Maru owns an educational consulting firm, and directs several children’s educational programs. She loves her career choices, and jokingly describes herself as an oxymoron, an accountant and an artist!”

She was born Maru Macías in Havana, Cuba to very loving, encouraging, and supportive parents. In 1961, her father, mother, and two brothers had to leave their prosperous lifestyle in Cuba and started a new life in the United States. Maru is proud to call herself a Cuban American. Maru claims that, “Cuba is my roots and homeland, but the United States is my home, the greatest country in the world!”

Maru is a self-taught artist. “Art is not learned, it is in our hearts, intrinsic, and innate,” says Maru. Her creations are like Maru, passionate, spontaneous, energetic, and fun. She creates her pieces from ardent emotions and memories which are fused to express her innermost feelings. Maru explains that, “I mold into my creations, the spirit and essence of passion, the peace of harmony, and the joy and cheerfulness of bliss, feelings I consider essential and vital to a happy, fulfilled life.”

Maru and her husband have three children and six grandchildren. “I loved being a mother, but I absolutely adore being a grandma!” Maru will proudly proclaim. She admits that her family members inspire each of her creations and are the thrust that encourage her to fulfill her dream and attain realization as an artist. She insists that, “They motivate, incite, and arouse me to create uniqueness and beauty in every piece I compose. Therefore, every one of my pieces is a reflection of my love and zeal for my family members.”