About My Art

I am a self-taught artist whose creations are a result of spontaneous, energetic, and passionate emotions and memories which are combined to express my innermost feelings. I create two very different art forms and compositions:

“Acrylic on Brass”

My one of a kind art, “Acrylic on Brass,” is a sculpture first and then a painting. By fusing the strength of metal together with the vulnerability and warmth of colors into ardent compositions, I am able to vividly portray human traits and emotions that are me: passion, joy, harmony, compassion, and vigor.

My father owned a number of factories that molded metal into everything from cups to staircases. This is where my appreciation for metals stems from, and the reason why, from a very young age, I was intrigued with the energy and strength of metal.

I start out by molding thin brass strips into shapes and forms. I then use a unique process to adhere these shapes to a brass plate. This creates a textured sculpture characterized by raised strips that flow to create an outline. I then add bright acrylic paints to bring the sculpture to life. Some pieces are strictly abstract while others are representational. The depth of the strips on the brass sheet and the intensity of the brilliant colors reflecting on the metal result in a captivating artwork that is the centerpiece of any room.
My craft is distinctive and the result of my work has caught the attention of many in the art world. Every piece is a unique original!

“Acrylic on Canvas”

As I have “matured” through the years, I have also grown as an artist, and I am now enjoying the freedom and spontaneity of my totally abstract “Acrylic on Canvas” art. It allows me to be more impulsive and unprompted, traits that come with age. With “ripeness and maturity” come a certain wisdom, confidence, and sentiment to do what one wants without reservations or fear of criticism. This acceptance of my intuitions and instincts allows me to trust the results of the pieces which I so unpredictably create. The blend and combination of the vibrant and warm colors are evidence that the piece is a “Maru.” The acrylic paints are sometimes merged with other mediums and ultimately spread on the canvas using brushes, fingers, hands, trowels, and anything else I may find! The pieces are happy, fun, and energetic and add joy to their home.

About my art:

I started out by donating pieces to various philanthropic causes. My art has now been exhibited in various art galleries and I have participated in many of the top art shows in the nation including Art Expo in Las Vegas, The Coconut Grove Art Festival, Three Rivers Art Show in Pittsburgh, The Magnificent Mile Art Show in Chicago, The Alexandria Festival of the Arts outside of Washington, D. C., and The Naples Invitational Art Show. I have traveled extensively within the United States exhibiting my art alongside many great artists and sculptors. I have received prestigious awards, including Best in Show as well as Best in Mixed Media and Painting.

Art defines people, and my art reveals my true self. I mold into my creations, the spirit and essence of passion, the peace of harmony, and the joy and cheerfulness of bliss, feelings I consider essential and vital to a happy, fulfilled life. My family members inspire each of my creations and are the thrust that encourages me to fulfill a dream and attain realization as an artist.

On my website you will be able to enjoy my creations which merge creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship generating the gratification and ecstasy that is evident in each of my pieces